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09090 - 705880

Drinktec, München, Germany

12.09 - 16.09.2022

Halle B3 - Stand 447

München/Munich, Germany

In numbers: visitors and exhibitors 2017


In 2017, 1,749 exhibitors and over 76,000 visitors from all over the world met at drinktec in Munich where the industry trade fair set new standards for both quality and quantity:

International representation at the trade fair continued to grow, with 66% of visitors and 71% of exhibitors coming from abroad. A total of 84% of visitors were decision-makers at their respective companies.



Visitors: Country of origin

Seventy-six thousand visitors from 170 different countries attend drinktec in 2017, with 66% of them coming from abroad.




Visitors: Top 30 countries (besides Germany)


  • Italy 6,250
  • China 2,242
  • France 2,062
  • Russian Federation 2,053
  • United States 1,822
  • Switzerland 1,818
  • Austria 1,773
  • Great Britain & Northern Ireland 1,762
  • Japan 1,431
  • Netherlands 1,361
  • Spain 1,341
  • Belgium 1,317
  • Czech Republic 1,286
  • Brazil 1,275
  • Poland 1,143
  • India 992
  • Mexico 856
  • Ukraine 855
  • South Africa 836
  • Turkey 724
  • Denmark incl. Greenland 710
  • Romania 702
  • Thailand 675
  • Sweden 665
  • Australia 663
  • Argentina 624
  • South Korea 478
  • Croatia 469
  • Greece 463
  • Hungary 462



Visitors: Main branches of industry respectively sales markets

drinktec 2017 sees an increase in visitors from all sectors. The most notable increase is achieved through the integration of SIMEI@drinktec in the wine, sparkling wine, and spirits segment. Most visitors are from the beer industry, followed by soft drinks, water, and fruit juices.


*of all trade visitors, multiple selections possible
Industry2017 (total)2017 (in percent*)Increase (over 2013)
Soft drinks, water27,81636.6%+39%
Fruit juice22,57229.7%+53%
Beer, brewing35,41646,.6%+29%
Wine, sprakling wine, spirits17,48023.0%+74%
Milk, liquid dairy products15,35220.2%+35%
Liquid food11,70415.4%+35%


Visitors: High decision-making authority


*of all trade visitors, **of all employed trade visitors
Decision-making authorityShare of Visitors
Key decision-makers**27%
Leading positions*70%
In upper management*34%


Visitors: Areas of responsibility

The visitors of the drinktec come from all parts of the production chain.


*of all trade visitors
Area of responsibilityShare of Visitors*
Management, business head22%
Purchasing, procuring4%
Research & development, design9%
Product development, product management9%
Manufacturing, production, processing, filling, packaging15%
Quality control, quality assurance3%
Marketing, advertising, PR5%
Distribution, sales15%


Visitors: Areas visited

drinktec 2017 visitors tell us which exhibits by product area they’ve visited and which ones they still want to see. Their answers yield the following statistics about the number of visitors to each product area.


Product areaNumber of visitors
Product-specific process technology for beer, non-alcoholic drinks, juices, water, wine, sparkling wine, spirits, milk, liquid food19,000
Cross-industry process technology for the production respectively processing of beverages, milk, liquid food10,640
Components for process technology16,720
Filling & packaging technology36,480
Process automation; engineering; control & IT solutions17,480
Machines & raw materials for the production of plastic containers & closures; recycling16,720
Containers, packaging materials, packaging accessories & closures16,720
Raw materials, additives & agents19,000
Process & production supplies17,480
Water & wastewater14,440
Research & training9,120


Exhibitors: Country of origin

A total of 1,749 companies from 80 countries presented their products at drinktec 2017, with 1,243 exhibitors coming from abroad and 506 from Germany.




Exhibitors: Top 15 countries represented by exhibitors (besides Germany)


  • Italy 329
  • China 128
  • United States 72
  • Great Britain & Northern Ireland 65
  • France 54
  • Netherlands 47
  • Turkey 44
  • Spain 39
  • Austria 38
  • Czech Republic 38
  • Switzerland 36
  • Belgium 35
  • India 23
  • Poland 23
  • Denmark 18



Exhibitors: Visitor target groups



Regardless of the industry they belong to, exhibitors expect visitors from the following industries to attend drinktec 2017. An average of 81% of the exhibitors rate the success of reaching this target group at the trade fair with "good" to "excellent."


*The data shows the number of exhibitors that have this target group and rate with "good" to "excellent" their success at reaching that particular target group.
IndustriesExhibitors‘ target groupsPercentage of exhibitors being successful in reaching their target group*
Manufacturers; producers of beverages79%86%
Manufacturers; producers of plant & machinery51%82%
Manufacturers; producers of consumables31%79%
Suppliers (e.g. of raw materials & ingredients)28%78%
Service providers (e.g. consulting, construction, maintenance, logistics)27%78%
Beverage wholesaling & retailing33%79%
Universities & (technical) colleges, authorities22%69%


All figures were recorded during registration of visitors and exhibitors for drinktec 2017 and using a survey conducted by the market research company Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH.






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