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Flat gaskets - Static gasket

Flat gaskets, also called static gaskets or flange gaskets, provide optimum sealing wherever there is a connection through flanges. Therefore, there is a wide range of applications for flat gaskets. The high-quality gaskets from billi dichtungstechnik gmbh are characterised by an outstanding workmanship and easy handling. We manufacture your individual gaskets in all sizes and materials and realise the flat gaskets you need according to standards or as custom-made products. - We will be happy to advise you on customised products or special materials. 

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Our services at a glance:

- Production from 1 piece / single pieces possible

- Made to measure / individual fitting

- Professional advice

- Fast processing


Flat gaskets made to measure

We will be pleased to advise you in detail on your perfect semi-finished product. Based on the required quantities of your individual flat gasket, we select your individual manufacturing process. Due to in-house production, we realise your customised products even in small quantities. One-off productions are also possible. We already have many raw materials in stock. Fast delivery guaranteed.


Your advantages at a glance:

- High quality

- Large warehouse

- In-house production

- Short delivery times


Flat gaskets - temperature-resistant and food-safe

You will find the flat gaskets of billi dichtungstechnik gmbh in electronic components as well as in the chemical and the food industry. Depending on requirements and usage, we manufacture your flat gaskets from various materials. We produce both flat gaskets for electronic components as well as temperature-resistant and food-safe special gaskets. The selection of materials ranges from simple flat gaskets made of rubber to Teflon, graphite or special materials. We will be happy to find the right material for you.



Freequently asked questions about flat gaskets

What are flat gaskets used for?

Flat gaskets are used as sealing elements between two flanges. There is an endless range of applications.  You will find flat gaskets, for example, in electrical engineering, but also in industry (chemical, food or pharmaceutical industry) as well as in water supply or effluent treatment.


What material are flat gaskets made of?

The most common materials for flat gaskets are rubber, fibreboard or graphite and PTFE. A rubber gasket is a simple alternative of flat gaskets and mostly used in electrical engineering. In industry, fibre plates are mostly used as they provide better properties than rubber. Seals made of graphite or PTFE offer best material properties such as high temperature resistance or a pH value of 0-14.

How are flat gaskets manufactured?

There are various manufacturing processes. It actually depends on the type and quantity of the anticipated flat gaskets. Punching out of gaskets is a very precise manufacturing method. Here, the punching segment is specially manufactured to punch out the gaskets of the respective material plates. For the production of smaller quantities, flat gaskets are produced with a CAD-coupled plotter machine. Seals with a rough cut can also be produced with a waterjet cutting machine.

Are flat gaskets standardised?

There are countless possibilities of applications for flat gaskets and so are standards. We produce any type of flat gasket for you - whether standardised or customised. Even so-called paper gaskets can be realized without difficulty. Our professionals will be happy to advise you on the right material for your application.

Are flat gaskets heat-resistant?

The heat resistance of flat gasket depends on the material. Rubber gaskets, for example, are less temperature resistant and, therefore, used for simple applications. Flat gaskets made of fibreboard, graphite and PTFE, on the other hand, are suitable for higher temperature resistance. They are used, for example, in oil plants, refineries, power stations or within the chemical industry.

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Catalog Cut Gaskets

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