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Mechanical seals for the shipping industry

Our mechanical seals for the shipping industry are suitable for use in:

Allweiler®, Bornemann®, IMO®, Kral®, KSB®, Netzsch®, Seepex®, Thune Eureka®, Behrens®, Garbarino®, Grundfos®, Gulnard®, Hamworthy®, Heishin®, Herborner®, Iron®, JMW®, Jugoturbina®, Kikai®, Leistritz®, Merser®, Naniwa®, PCM®, Rickmeier®, Samson®, Scanpump®, Shinko®, SIHI®, Speck®, Sta-Rite®, Svanehoj®, Taiko®, Teikoku®, Worthington® etc.


Mechanical seals from billi seals - your advantages at a glance

- Production from 1 piece

- Mechanical seals made to measure

- Single pieces & special designs

- High quality

- Expert advice

- Fast processing

- Large stock

- In-house production

- Short delivery times


Reducing maintenance costs with the right choice of mechanical seals

In order to keep the maintenance costs for pumps in the marine industry as low as possible, it is not only important to have the right spare parts for any repairs. It is also essential to carefully select the right mechanical seals, as well as their metal parts and the materials for the sliding surfaces. At billi seals, you will receive sound advice and expert support in selecting the perfectly matching mechanical seals and material compositions for your application. This guarantees trouble-free assembly of the mechanical seals as well as less wear and tear on the pumps.

Freequently asked questions about marine mechanical seals?

Where are mechanical seals used in shipping?

Mechanical seals are sealing elements that are used for pumps and compressors. Depending on the requirements of the mechanical seals, high-quality materials such as aluminium oxide (for example in the automotive sector) or silicon carbide in the industrial sector are used. Preferred metallic spring and construction materials include steel (CrNi-, CrNiMo), Inconel®, Monel®, Carpenter® and Hastelloy®. Carbides, metals, synthetic carbons, plastics or metal oxides are used as sliding materials.


In which applications are mechanical seals used in the marine industry?

In the marine sector, there are very different areas of application for mechanical seals which require different seal types. For example, mechanical seals in shipping are used in cooling or fire protection pumps. However, boiler feeds or ballast water pumps are also main areas of application for mechanical seals in shipping. The mechanical seals for these types of pumps have to withstand extreme application conditions, because the pressure conditions or even the saltwater content can vary greatly.


How do marine mechanical seals differ from other mechanical seals?

The mechanical seals for the marine sector do not differ in any way from the mechanical seals for other industrial sectors. Since the pumps in which the mechanical seals are installed always perform the same function. The only thing that differs is the pumped fluids, such as fuel or seawater. However, this also applies to other industries. The liquids pumped in a brewery are different from those pumped in a chemical company, although the pumps are always the same.


Catalog Mechanical seals for the shipping industry

Catalog Mechanical seals for the shipping industry

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