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Mechanical seal for agitators

Our mechanical seals are suitable for use in agitators, mixers and other large aggregates and provide the ideal seal for all industrial processes in agitation technology.

High-quality technology, a professional manufacturing process, meticulous quality assurance and personal service characterise our way of working. We stand for mechanical seals with quality.


Mechanical seals for agitators from Billi Seals - the advantages at a glance


- Production from 1 piece

- Mechanical seals made to measure

- Single pieces & special designs

- High quality

- Expert advice

- Fast processing

- Large stock

- In-house production

- Short delivery times


Designed for high loads

In agitator technology, industrial processes must run smoothly. With our mechanical seals, you are relying on high-quality seals that can withstand extreme loads. Our products are resistant, heat-resistant and durable.

Seals since 1997

For over 20 years, we have been designing seals for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our seals are standardised according to EN12756 (DIN24960) and used in more than 70 countries.

The right choice in agitator technology

Our mechanical seals can be used specifically for agitators. Would you like to know more about the technical specifications of our products? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reduce maintenance costs with the right choice of mechanical seals

In order to keep maintenance costs low in agitator technology, it is necessary and decisive that the right mechanical seals are used. For example, metal parts and the materials for sliding surfaces must be selected appropriately. In short, the mechanical seals have to withstand the requirements in agitators. That is why Billi Seals offers its customers sound advice and expert support in the choice of seal.

Freequently asked questions about our mechanical seals for agitators

What is the difference between mechanical seals and a stuffing box packing for agitators?

Mechanical seals ensure an all-round secure seal. Smoke, hazardous vapours and other chemical substances can no longer escape. Since they are leak-free, they do not lose any liquid. In addition, mechanical seals reduce power consumption. With a stuffing box packing, energy consumption is up to six times higher. In addition, leakage is necessary. Since it drips constantly, the stuffing box is associated with high fluid consumption.


How do mechanical seals for agitators differ from other areas?

In terms of quality, our mechanical seals for agitators do not differ from other areas. However, in order to meet the special requirements in agitator technology, we focus on individuality here. Therefore, our mechanical seals for mixers or agitators are custom-made.



What are the sizes of mechanical seals for agitators from Billi Seals?

The shaft diameter of our standard mechanical seals is between 10 and 100 millimetres. Mechanical seals for agitators are usually custom-made products, which we produce tailor-made for our customers. This ensures that the seals withstand the extreme loads in agitator technology. Contact us to find out more about the technical specifications.