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Spiral wound gaskets - flexible and tough

Billi offers a huge range of different articles: One focus of the range is on functional spiral wound gaskets, which are used in a wide variety of applications. The key features include high flexibility and a high resistance. As a result, spiral wound gaskets are suitable for a wide range of applications, from petrochemicals to nuclear power plants.

Discover the corresponding articles in our online catalogue now and order high-quality spiral wound gaskets directly from Billi.

Spiral wound gaskets – versatile application and highclass workmanship

In order to be able to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we offer various types of spiral wound gaskets: For example, you can choose between standard versions with a smooth surface and various special models. All articles are based on a stainless steel strip and high-quality filling materials such as graphite and PTFE, which underlines the excellent quality standard. The spiral wound gaskets of billi are characterized by a constant elasticity during hot-cold cycles. Classical applications in the chemical industry include all types of gas lines, directional valves and pumps. Furthermore, spiral wound gaskets are the optimal solutions for pressure vessel openings in steam systems as well as low and high pressure in nuclear power plants.


Spiral wound gaskets in various designs can be ordered conveniently from us

For the best possible functionality of spiral wound gaskets, the careful considered choice of model is of central importance: the versions with centering ring, for example, assures an ideal fit between the bolts. In addition, the centering ring prevents the radial flow of soft filling materials such as PTFE. The inner rings, on the other hand, minimize the flow resistance, effectively containing crevice corrosion. In addition, such an inner ring acts as a compression limiter and optimizes the effect of the sealing elements. Do you have questions about individual gasket specifications or details of the ordering process? Then the experienced service team of billi will be happy to support you: Simply contact us by e-mail or call us to receive individual and non-binding advice for this purpose.


Features and advantages of spiral wound gaskets

Both high temperature and pressure resistance count as main advantages of spiral wound gaskets. The temperature resistance reaches up to 450 degrees Celsius with a pressure resistance of up to 320 bar. The temperature or pressure resistance of a spiral-wound gasket mainly depends on the material composition.



T [°C]


- 200 to + 280


- 200 to +450


- 40 to +900


-40 to +1000

Freequently asked questions about spiral wound gaskets

Are spiral wound gaskets heat resistant?

Definitely. It depends on the material combination of filler and stainless steel strip when it comes to a spiral-wound gasket`s heat-resistance. In addition, selected chambering influences the temperature resistance as well. In order to find the right material combination and temperature, contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Are spiral wound gaskets standardized?

Yes. Spiral wound gaskets with inner and outer rings are standardized. The seal itself can be manufactured in all sizes. Each country has its own standards. They are listed in the centering ring table. Most common standards for spiral wound gaskets are the American, the English and the European standards.

Which material is used for spiral wound gaskets?

A spiral wound gasket is a so-called metal-soft material gasket which consists of alternating metal windings and a soft non-metallic filling. These are the 4 most common material standards:


1.4571 - SS316 Ti

1.4404 – SS316 L

1. 4401 – SS316

1.4301 – SS304

Where are spiral wound gaskets used?

Spiral wound gaskets particularly fit difficult operating conditions such as: high pressure, pressure fluctuations or high temperatures. In the industry, spiral wound gaskets are used in the following exemplary areas: chemical plants, refineries, chemical industry, pipelines, tanks, power generation, power plants, steam boilers, pollutant incineration plants, flanges, covers, manholes and many more.

Catalog Spiralwound Gaskets

Catalog Spiralwound Gaskets

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