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PTFE Gaskets

PTFE is the most reknown of the fluorinated polymers.

It is considered a thermoplastic though its viscosity at melting point (+327°C) is so high that it cannot be processed with the transformation procedures in common usage with thermoplastics.
For the manufacture of semifinished items (tubes, bars, sheets, tapes etc.) we have modern extruders, pressed and controlled cycle furnaces for sintering.

For the most important products we have a detailled catalogue at your disposal which have been compiled to assist the technicians in solving and offering advices to find the right choice.

Among our products you can find:

  • pure PTFE & PTFE + graphite
  • extruded PTFE
  • PTFE thread sealing tape
  • adhesive PTFE band
  • PTFE tape
  • PTFE gaskets

Catalog PTFE Gaskets

Catalog PTFE-Gaskets

All seals are still collected on our homepage.

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