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PTFE seals for reliable use

Due to the wide range of different designs, perfectly suitable PTFE seals are available for every application. The PTFE gaskets from billi are characterized by high dielectric strength, excellent electrical insulation properties and a low thermal conductivity. All items are manufactured with a high processing quality. Discover the various PTFE gaskets in our online catalogue and order the right products for your application directly from billi.

    PTFE seals - high resistance and a wide selection

    Depending on the respective requirements, different PTFE seals are suitable for you: Our comprehensive range includes, for example, PTFE thread sealing tapes with a temperature resistance of -200°C up to +260°C. The PTFE tapes are both, odourless and insoluble. In addition, the PTFE thread sealing tapes have a particularly low coefficient of friction, which improves their performances. We also offer PTFE cord with a pressure resistance of up to 10 bar. Possible applications include valves as well as piston and centrifugal pumps.

    Order PTFE gaskets from billi, inexpensive and uncomplicated

    PTFE gaskets are non-combustible with an enormous longevity. In addition to thread sealing tapes and PTFE cord, we also offer expanded PTFE flat sealing tapes: The articles are self-adhesive on one side, which helps for an easy and quick installation. Our comprehensive service is completed with an individual consultation: Accordingly, we are available to support you either by telephone or e-mail with our technical know-how. We will answer all your questions about PTFE seals and give you concrete tips for the ideal product selection. As soon as you have found the optimum PTFE gaskets for your application, you can conveniently place your order directly by billi.

    Freequently asked questions about PTFE seals

    What are PTFE seals made of?

    PTFE seals are made of Teflon®, a material that was invented by DuPont®/USA. Teflon® can be used in many different areas. Due to its positive performance, it is very well suited for PTFE gaskets.

    PTFE gasket made of Teflonpowder®

    The semi-finished product is made of Teflonpowder®. After pressing the powder into molds and sintering the material, the mold has to be adjusted. Plates, rods and tubes are used as molds. In the further process, PTFE gaskets are cut by lathe or punching machines.

    What are PTFE seals used for?

    As a physiologically unproblematic material, PTFE seals are often used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. As seals are very slick, they do not need to be greased. All connected materials, therefore, remain clean.

    PTFE gaskets are also used in the beverage or chemical industry as the material has a very high chemical resistance within a PH range of 0 - 14. Furthermore, PTFE seals have an enormous temperature resistance ranging from -200 to +260°C.

    What are the characteristics of PTFE seals?

    Your Teflon® PTFE seal benefits:

    • excellent electrical insulating characteristics
    • high temperature resistance
    • high pressure resistance
    • acid resistance
    • high chemical resistance

    Therefore, the material is very versatile and highly reliable.

    Why is polytetrafluoroethylene the perfect material for PTFE seals?

    PTFE seals are made of polytetrafluoroethylene which provides perfect characteristics: Materials connected to the seals remain clean because the seals do not need to be greased. That’s an outstanding advantage over seals that, on the other hand, have to be greased.

    How do PTFE seals perform?

    PTFE seals are highly durable. In addition to an almost universal chemical resistance, PTFE seals are extremely temperature resistant and, furthermore, provide excellent sliding qualities. PTFE seals are applied within a temperature range from -200 to +260°C. In addition, they perform an above-average insulation behaviour even at high temperature fluctuation. PTFE seals can, therefore, be applied in numerous areas.

    How high is the chemical resistance of PTFE seals?

    PTFE seals are characterised by their excellent chemical resistance which depends on the PH range at action. The PTFE gasket can be applied at a PH range from 0 to 14.

    How long do PTFE seals usually last?

    That depends on the material. PTFE can be processed softly (expanded) or hardly (sintered).

    Due to its enormous resistance, a sintered PTFE seal has an extreme longevity. Even under permanent pressure, the seal does not deform. Expanded PTFE seals, on the other hand, are characterized by its deformability and adaptation to the sealing space and sealing surface.

    In any case, high and low temperatures as well as contact with chemicals do not affect both expanded and sintered materials.

    Is a special seal design possible or are PTFE seals standardized?

    We are happy to produce special seals based on specific drawings. It’s no problem to realize a wide variety of customized shapes for you. We will be happy to advise and support you by implementing your special seals. We constantly have traditional flat gasket variants according to standard DIN 2690 in stock.

    Catalog PTFE Gaskets

    Catalog PTFE Gaskets

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