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Mechanical Seals Standard

Designing pumps, compressors and other equipment, the aim is to prevent leakage into that can emerge at any point by liquids or gases.

To solve this problem very often are used mechanical seals.

To obtain the desired sealing function and an adequate lifetime of the mechanical seal,the preconditions must be fulfilled within the permitted tolerances at any time:

  • parallelism of the sealing surfaces
  • perpendicularity of the seal faces to the rotation axis
  • elastic contact of the sealing surfaces
  • existence of a lubricating film between the two sealing surfaces

Usually the sealing capability of the mechanical seal against shaft or housing is obtained with the secondary seals, as O-rings, bellows or boots

In conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and their standards (ISO 3069), the German Industrial Standard (DIN) published proposals for standard mechanical seals with DIN EN 12756 (24960).

These proposals relate to the sealing rooms, main dimensions, designation and material codes.

Mechanical seal: The established solution for many industries

When using compressors, pumps and other systems, the tightness of the entire system is crucial. The sealing systems are a classic weak point that you can optimally compensate with the matching mechanical seal from the range of Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH. We offer mechanical seals for various applications and industries, with which you can equip yourself functionally or persuade your customers as a repair service unrestricted.

Properties of our mechanical seal in profile

In the wide range of gaskets from Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH, the mechanical seal is the leading solution for a large number of machines, systems and technical devices. Within acceptable tolerances, all our quality parts provide you with a first-class seal for a wide range of technical sealing requirements. With a mechanical seal of this category you ensure maximum tightness and prevent the escape of almost all liquids and gases.

We rely exclusively on the highest quality for our products. Our seals can effortlessly meet your requirements for your machines and systems without losing their tightness in the long term. The mechanical and chemical resistance is also high and ensures the desired sealing over a long time. With a look at our assortment, for example in our product catalogs, you will learn more about the suitability of the mechanical seal in its different variants for your individual purposes.

High quality seals according to international standards

For the manufacture of the mechanical seal and other products, Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH follows the international standards as well as the national standard proposals for mechanical seals according to EN 12756 (DIN 24960). In addition to the standard designation, the standards provide the framework values for dimensions and sealing chambers. This assures you safety when buying a product and the ideal suitability for your purposes.

In addition to classic O-rings as secondary seal, we offer the mechanical seal in further product variants. To seal the housings and shafts, sleeves or bellows are the established alternative that you will also discover in our range. Assemble a standardized and high-quality equipment for all purposes in your company or equip the sales representatives of your company with the right spare parts.

At billi you will find the ideal mechanical seal online

If you require separate solutions for special work areas, you can rely on the decades of expertise of Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH in sealing technology. Since 1991, we are one of the established brands in the national and international business, offering solutions of the highest product quality, from the mechanical seal standard to gaskets and spiral wound gaskets. With special mechanical seals, for example for food or shipping, we know exactly the needs of the industries..

We sell our mechanical seal and other products in more than 50 countries. Your company can also benefit from us as a strong partner in sealing technology, with the mechanical seal and other solutions you can advance production and service. If you want to know more about individual articles, browse through our catalogs online or get personal advice. We will gladly assemble the ideal mechanical seals for your purposes and familiarize you with technical specifications and standards.

Catalog Mechanical Seals Standard

Catalog Mechanical Seals Standard

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