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Mechanical seal for water and wastewater

Mechanical seals for water and wastewater are used in different pumps. Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH

offers a wide range of mechanical seals for the water and wastewater engineering. Whether you are looking for rubber bellows seals, cartridge seals or hydraulically balanced seals - you are sure to find something ! Find the seal of your choice in our pdf catalog.

In the field of water and waste water our seals are used for:



Mechanical seals from billi seals - your advantages at a glance


- Production from 1 piece

- Mechanical seals made to measure

- Single pieces & special designs

- High quality

- Expert advice

- Fast processing

- Large stock

- In-house production

- Short delivery times


Which mechanical seal fits your pump - advice from our experts:

At Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH you will find a wide range of special seals which are used for a wide variety of applications in the industrial sector. The portfolio includes mechanical seals for drainage pumps, self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps and seals for pumps in wastewater treatment.


Mechanical seals from billi seals are excellent for pumping viscous and abrasive liquids and are also ideal for pumping media that have high temperatures. All of our water and waste water mechanical seals have been specifically designed for this application, ensuring reduced fluid losses and maximum isolation. We will be happy to advise you on which mechanical seal is optimal for your application!


High-quality materials for durable mechanical seals

Our mechanical seals can undoubtedly be classified as high quality, as only first-class materials are used for production. A combination of different materials is used for the production of our seals. Among them:



Duplex steel

Aluminium oxide


Silicon carbide (with diamond coating)


Stainless steel

Tungsten carbide



PTFE encapsulated elastomers

Metal coatings



These materials all have the properties that ensure reliability and durability in industrial applications.


Freequently asked questions about water and waste water?

What distinguishes mechanical seals for water and waste water?


The main advantage of a mechanical seal is its durability. When properly installed and maintained, they can last the entire operating life of the pump. Mechanical seals are also much more heat resistant than packings, making them ideal for high temperature applications. Mechanical seals for water and wastewater are characterised by a high resistance to chemical influences and abrasion. The advantages of mechanical seals from billi seals at a glance:



Heat resistant

Easy to repair

Very reliable

Double seals with sealing water



In which areas are mechanical seals used for water and wastewater?

Mechanical seals are often used in combination with agitators, mixers, centrifugal separators, centrifugal pumps and volumetric pumps in water and wastewater treatment. Mechanical seals are also used in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and in other industries where products need to be sealed against contamination.



What types of mechanical seals for water and wastewater are available from billi seals?

Cartridge seal (balanced and double-acting)


This is a balanced, double-acting seal which guarantees its sealing effect even in the event of sudden pressure drops on the secondary and/or product side. It is a robust and strong seal, which at the same time convinces with flexible properties and can thus be ideally displaced in axial and radial direction. To reduce the risk of clogging to a minimum, the springs have been fixed outside the flushing device.


Cartridge seal for heavy-duty applications (balanced and single-acting)


These mechanical seals for water and waste water have been designed to achieve a long service life even under difficult working conditions. They are characterised by their particularly robust construction and are designed to withstand pressures of up to 25 bar. They are completely protected spring assemblies which are easy and safe to install.


Cartridge seal with special shaft sleeve (balanced and double-acting)


With this product you choose a seal equipped with a special corrugated sleeve to create a pumping action. It is excellent to use with a thermosiphon vessel as a stand-alone solution when barrier water is not available in the application.


The demand for drinkable water is high. And the trend is still upwards. Thus, water treatment plays an important role in industry and will continue to gain in importance in the future. Large quantities of clean water are needed every day, and a corresponding amount of wastewater is produced in parallel. The wastewater is contaminated with chemicals, solid and suspended matter. Especially in sewage treatment plants and lifting stations, there is no way around the use of pumps and agitators. They take on the most diverse tasks in the areas of:






The production chain is peppered at many points with machines and systems that are equipped with mechanical seals for water and wastewater. In order to be able to produce clean drinking water, different pumps are used. For example:


Vacuum pumps

Multistage pumps

Double-stage pumps


These are usually equipped with single-acting mechanical seals.




Catalog Seals for water and wastewater

Catalog Seals for water and wastewater

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