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Wide range of applications and high quality standard

The graphite gaskets from billi are versatile and convince with a whole range of quality features. Thanks to the large selection of different designs, perfectly suitable variants are available for every application. In the meantime, graphite gaskets are supplied by billi to more than 50 countries, which confirms the exceptional quality of the products. Discover the range now and order the optimum graphite gaskets for your individual application.

    Graphite gaskets - tailor-made solutions for every purpose

    Graphite is a mineral made of pure carbon: As a result, graphite gaskets are characterized by high temperature resistance. Depending on the respective field of application, different articles can be considered: the range includes graphite rings, for example, which are used in chemical plants and nuclear power stations. Furthermore, billi offers a range of graphite tapes which permits a high flexiblity: The tapes can be ordered in different dimensions, which allows an ideal adaptation to the stuffing box to be achieved. Choosing billi graphite gaskets you benefit from excellent processing quality and uncomplicated handling.

    Graphite sheets - maximum stability

    The range in the graphite seals segment is not limited to rings and tapes, but also includes sheets: The many advantages of billi graphite sheets include the low permeability of liquids and gases as well as high resistance to chemical substances. In addition, the plates made of natural graphite convince  for their enormous stability and high resistance to temperature fluctuations. The graphite sheets can be ordered in different versions so that the perfect items are available for every application: For example, you can choose from models without steel reinforcement, with plain steel inserts and tanged stainless steel reinforcement.

    Order high quality graphite gaskets at low prices

    All graphite gaskets from our company are convenient for the targeted interaction between a high quality standard and improved health protection: you can order asbestos-free graphite sheets and many other types directly from us at a reasonable price. Do you have questions about the special features of individual articles or about the ordering process? If so, we will be happy to provide you with expert advice: Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will personally take care of your request.

    Catalog Graphite Gaskets

    Catalog Graphite Gaskets

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