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Foil ring gaskets from billi seals

Foil ring gaskets, also known as pure graphite rings, are precision sealing elements. They are used to protect people and the environment from problematic media such as gases or liquids. They are also used in demanding environments such as high pressure and/or high temperature. These properties and their resistance to a variety of media open up an extremely wide range of applications for the low-maintenance graphite rings.

The rings are manufactured from pure graphite strips using press tools. Billi seals manufactures pure graphite rings in the standard form including the respective variations. We also manufacture your graphite rings according to your wishes and specific requirements.

Foil ring gaskets from billi seals - your advantages at a glance

  • Graphite rings from 1 piece
  • Single piece production
  • Customized production with dimensions to measure
  • Customization according to your requirements
  • Advice from the sealing expert
  • High-quality gaskets
  • Fast processing of the order
  • Large stock
  • Short delivery times

Properties of the foil ring gaskets from billi seals

Pure graphite rings have excellent sliding properties due to their self-lubrication, which even allows them to run dry. They therefore remain elastic even under pressure fluctuations. The coefficient of thermal expansion is comparable to that of steel. The media resistance is high. Easy maintenance, resistance to ageing and low wear are further properties of foil ring gaskets.

Graphite rings can withstand pressures up to 250 bar. In the temperature range from -200 to +550 degrees Celsius, pure graphite rings provide a secure seal for almost all media. With steam, the maximum temperature increases to up to 700 degrees Celsius. In an inert environment, the rings can withstand temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Celsius.

FAQs - Questions and answers about our foil ring gaskets

What materials are foil ring gaskets made of?

Foil ring gaskets from billi seals are made of nearly 100 percent graphite. In the case of industrial quality (IA), the degree of purity is 98 percent. Reactor grade graphite rings have a purity level of 99.85 percent. The density is between 1.2 and 1.8 grams per cubic centimeter.

Can foil ring gaskets be modified, for example by flanging?

We manufacture pure graphite rings with flanging on request, for example if the stability or tightness of the seal needs to be increased. Any inside diameter is possible, as we offer both welded and non-welded flanges. You can also obtain pure graphite rings with internal or external bevels from billi seals. Other modifications include rings with an integrated metallic reinforcement or versions with U and/or L caps.

Where are foil ring gaskets used?

Foil ring gaskets are widely used in almost all industrial sectors. The main areas of application for pure graphite rings are fittings, pumps (also at high temperatures) and sealing caps. Furthermore, graphite rings can be found in exhaust systems, shafts / spindles, valves and gate valves. In terms of media, they are suitable for water, vapors, nitrogen, mineral oils, animal fats, alkalis and salt solutions, for example.