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Graphite and carbon packings from billi seals

Graphite and carbon packings are part of a wide range of stuffing box packings. The packings are primarily used as contact seals in dynamic installation situations to compensate for rotating and/or oscillating movements such as those of spindles or shafts. The graphite or carbon packing prevents liquid or gaseous media from escaping through the housing.

The billi seals range includes carbon and graphite packings with different characteristics, for example in terms of pressure or temperature. Custom designs are also available to meet your specific requirements.

Graphite and carbon packings from billi seals - your benefits at a glance

  • Carbon and graphite packings from 1 piece
  • Customized products made to measure
  • Packings according to your requirements
  • Advice from the sealing expert
  • High-quality packings
  • Fast order processing
  • Large stock
  • Short delivery times

Technical Properties of graphite and carbon packings from billi seals

Graphite packings from our standard range can withstand a pressure of up to 200 bar. If the packing is reinforced with Inconel, the value increases to up to 300 bar. The temperature resistance is between -100 and +700 degrees Celsius. The compensated speed is up to 25 meters per second. The pH value range is 0 - 14.

The temperature resistance of our carbon packing in standard form is between -60 and +500 degrees Celsius. The range of the pH value is 2 - 12. The pressure resistance is up to 100 bar. Standard speeds of up to 25 meters per second are possible.

In addition to these standard shapes, we manufacture carbon and graphite packings in special shapes according to your requirements.

FAQs - Questions and answers about our graphite and carbon packings

Is it also possible to mix materials for graphite and carbon packings?

Billi seals manufactures stuffing box packings from pure carbon and graphite fibres as well as from different materials such as preoxidized PAN carbon-graphite fibres or carbon fibres plus Kevlar® yarn. Impregnated graphite and carbon packings are impregnated with PTFE, graphite, special lubricants with corrosion inhibitors, or lubricants made from oil, graphite, and MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide). You will also find packings in our range that contain resins, wire or binders, or are reinforced with Inconel. We also offer packings that combine PTFE and graphite. For the food industry, we manufacture stuffing box packings made of PTFE graphite yarn with Kevlar® yarn.

Can I also get accessories for my graphite and carbon packs from billi seals?

For your graphite or carbon fiber packings, billi seals can supply you with packing pullers and replacement tips in various lengths. The pullers are "fixed" or "interchangeable". The rod is flexible. The maximum diameter is between four and eleven millimeters. Our replacement tips are "spiral" type and have a maximum diameter of 6.5 to 11 millimeters.

Where are graphite and carbon packings used?

Graphite and carbon packings have very good temperature resistance, good heat dissipation, and are resistant to acids, fumes, gases, oils, and solvents, except for highly oxidizing ones. Due to these properties, the packings are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. In combination with PTFE, they are also suitable for paper mills and the food industry. Typical applications include steam valves, condensate pumps, boiler feed water pumps and low-pressure valves. They are suitable as grooved packings for high temperatures.