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Bellows seal from Billi Seals

Bellows seals are single mechanical seals. They are used in pumps for various industries to prevent gases or liquids from escaping.

Bellows seals from Billi Seals - the advantages at a glance

As a manufacturer of bellows seals, you enjoy many advantages with us:


- Production starting at one piece

- Made to measure

- Single pieces and special designs

- High quality

- Expert advice

- Fast processing

- Large warehouse

- In-house production

- Short delivery time



Areas of application for bellows seals from Billi Seals

The possible applications of bellows seals are very versatile. Billi Seals is your expert when it comes to the possible applications of bellows seals. Our high-quality seals are already successfully applied in the following areas:


- Shipping

- food

- Beverage and dairy industry

- Water and wastewater

- sand filter systems

- and many more. 


Your project is not listed? No problem! Please contact us and we will advise you which seal is optimal for your project. Together with you we will find customized solutions.



Freequently asked questions about bellows seals

Does a bellows seal from Billi Seals have application limits in terms of pressure, for example?

Standard bellows seals, like other seals, have application limits relating to pressure, speed and temperature. Where the limits lie depends on the seal series. The standard parameters of the billi series BB3, BB3-2 and BB3-3, which is used in shipping, for example, are 12 bar, 10 m/sec and -20 / +120 degrees Celsius. The standard bellows seals of the BB2 series differ from the BB3 series in terms of pressure (6 bar).


What materials are Billi Seals bellows seals made of?

The bellows seals of the BB2, BB3 and BB4 series have a rubber bellows inside. From our stock, these rubber bellows seals are available with the three standard elastomers NBR, EPDM and VITON. For BB6 series seals, we use a metal bellows in which the materials AM 350 or Hastelloy C are used. The seal ring in both variants is made of carbon, Sic or WC. For the mating ring, Al oxide, carbon, CrNiMo steel, SiC or WC are possible, depending on the industry.


Is there information available online about Billi Seals bellows seals?

Although we are convinced that there is no substitute for a personal conversation, we also offer information about our bellows seals online. In our download center you will find the data sheets for the bellows seal series. If you are looking for a bellows seal for a specific industry, simply download the corresponding industry-specific catalog.


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Catalog Mechanical seals 

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