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Mica gaskets from billi seals

A mica gasket is a flat gasket that can withstand the highest thermal stresses. Furthermore, the gaskets have good resistance to various chemical substances, such as aggressive acids, solvents, bases or mineral oils. Due to these properties, flat gaskets made of mica are used wherever temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius prevail. As the range of applications for mica gaskets is correspondingly wide, we manufacture the high-temperature gaskets to standard or to your specific requirements as custom-made products.


Mica gaskets from billi seals - your advantages at a glance

  • Production from one piece
  • Production of individual pieces
  • Customized production according to individual requirements
  • High quality
  • Personal advice from a billi seals expert
  • Fast processing
  • In-house production
  • Large stock
  • Short delivery times


Mica seals from billi seals - with inner and/or outer flange

Although mica gaskets have a high pressure impact resistance and are considered non-flammable, operational safety can be significantly increased with an inner or outer metal flange. Depending on the requirements, we either seamlessly flange the mica gasket or butt-weld it together using the laser welding process. As there are no overlaps in the flanging material, a uniform seal and surface pressure is achieved.


FAQs - questions and answers about our mica seals

Where are mica gaskets used?

A mica gasket is primarily used in the high-temperature range. The gasket material is suitable for all sealing requirements where temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius prevail, such as in hot gas and exhaust gas applications. Special areas of application as an insulating material and high-temperature gasket include salt reactors, azeotropic acid plants, annealing furnaces and catalysis processes. Leakages are avoided because a mica gasket fills the space when compressed. This compensates for irregularities between two surfaces.


What material are mica gaskets made of?

A mica gasket is a high-temperature gasket made from refined phlogopite mica. Phlogopite is a natural mineral from the mica group, known as mica for short. The structure of mica can be described as a composite of individual mineral layers. There is a weak ionic bond between the layers, which holds the mica together. The gaskets are made reliable in terms of handling and processing by inserting stainless steel stretch material or needled / perforated sheet metal. Silicone resin is used as a binding agent.


Is mica only used for mica gaskets?

Mica is not only used in sealing technology for the production of mica gaskets. The mineral is used as a support for comb profile gaskets and as a filler for spiral wound gaskets. Mica is also used in numerous other flange connections. Outside of sealing technology, mica can be found in various paints such as stove enamel, hammer finish or automotive paint.