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PTFE packings from billi seals

A PTFE packing is characterized by its high chemical resistance. In the temperature range of -200 to +280 degrees Celsius, PTFE packing is used in almost all chemical environments, as it is suitable for both acids and bases. PTFE packing is used in industries that require high purity of the medium. This enables the purity of the yarn and the high quality of a billi seals PTFE packing.

PTFE packing from billi seals can withstand the highest chemical stresses as it is made from 100 percent pure PTFE yarns. Our range also includes impregnated packings made of PTFE and versions with incorporated graphite. We manufacture custom-made products according to your requirements.

PTFE packings from billi seals - your benefits at a glance

  • Packings from 1 PU
  • Customized products made to measure
  • Packings according to your requirements
  • Personal advice from one of our sealing experts
  • High-quality packings
  • Fast processing of the order
  • Large stock
  • Short delivery times

PTFE packings - service life and wear

A PTFE packing is a stuffing box packing with a long service life. If the packing is firmly pressed into the installation space, it retains its elasticity even with constant temperature and pressure changes. In addition, packings made of PTFE are highly resistant to extrusion and dry running. In short, PTFE packing has excellent mechanical properties in terms of dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. Another property that extends the service life of a PTFE packing is the low frictional wear, as the packings are self-lubricating.

Questions and answers about our PTFE packings

What types of PTFE packings are available from billi seals?

We offer packings that are made from 100 percent PTFE yarns in various designs. One packing is soaked in hot dispersion to increase the sliding properties. Our packing made from pure virgin PTFE monofilament fibers is subjected to a two-phase impregnation process. The first impregnation is carried out strand by strand. In the second phase, impregnation is carried out in dispersion. Another version is our PTFE packing with corner reinforcement in Kevlar. Our PTFE packings with rubber core (VITON or NBR), which are first impregnated on the yarn and then in dispersion, offer the greatest possible elasticity. We are happy to manufacture custom-made products according to your requirements.

Are PTFE packings FDA-compliant?

The question of FDA compliance is about whether the PTFE packaging meets the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval criteria for food, drugs, and medical devices. Whether this is the case depends on the design. Billi seals has both variants in its standard range. As a specialist for seals, we manufacture your FDA-compliant PTFE packing according to your individual requirements.

Where are PTFE packings used?

PTFE packings from billi seals are used in pumps, piston pumps, valves, agitators and for the static sealing of tank lids. They are suitable for solvents and abrasive substances as well as all acids and alkalis that are compatible with PTFE. Typical industries are the food industry as well as the chemical and petrochemical industries.